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Hello everyone Jason "Afro" Cole here. I would like to apologize folks, the website is currently going through a re-design. We have a lot of content from Season 1 and 2 that needs to be uploaded and displayed properly, so please be patient with us. We aim to continue to improve on the site and bring you all the information you want to know about the National Fighting Game League, how to get involved and to support this community ran league. Please follow us on twitter @DojoSprtsNET for website updates!

NW Region - SF4: Battle of the Seattle TITANS!!!

The two leading teams in the league, AfroDojo and Gamebreakerz, finally meet up in the season! What should of been a precursor to the Grand Finals to come ended up being a little short lived. 2 of AfroDojo's team members were not able to make the match in time and the team had to forfeit 10 points to Team Gamebreakerz. . Final score Gamebreakerz 13(+10) vs AfroDojo (2). Do not judge this match by the score though. Grand Finals is right around the corner, Dec 21st to be exact!! Both these teams will be fully ready to go at it for the title of NW Region Grand Champions and $1000!! Once again, Slash5150 of Team Khaos provided an excellent stream! You can catch the match archive over on his youtube channel KhaosGamingTv

NW Region - TTT2: GeeseMaster only 10/0 record in the LEAGUE!!!

Tekken Tag 2 continues to go strong here in the NW Region!! Right now, Geesemaster of King's Court is the only player to be 10/0 win/Loss record right now! Vancouver Tekken came out really hard in the beggining. They took an early lead making BigAssJames and Cpt 1TruKing go 0 - 5. KSC was not out yet though, once Geesemaster came onto the battlefiel, heads rolled!! Geesemaster goes 5-0 on team Vancouver leaving the score VTK (14) vs KSC (11). You can find the match archived over at KhaosgamingTV.


Team ShoryukenLeague gets it’s first victory and the title for Oregon was theirs to claim. Fellow Neighbors Team PDX put up a good fight but in the end Oregon Trail was conquered by the Eugene boys, ShoryukenLeague (19) vs PDX (6). You can watch the archive over at KhaosGamingTV. Make sure to follow and subscribe!

NW Region - TTT2: Vancouver TEKKEN! Yes Canada enters the NFGL!!

Team Vancouver Tekken enters the League fray with one of the closest NFGL matches we have had yet!! Led by Cpt YungDaBeast,  the match was going back and forth until Tacoma Tekken pulled ahead and got to that magic number 13. This would actually be the last point they got, as Vancouver’s star player ZEST comes out and goes 5 straight!!! Ending result, TAC (13) vs CAN (12). You can find the match archived at KhaosgamingTV.